Open Market Grapes

We are Marlborough locals who have been involved in the wine industry collectively for over 30 years. With our extensive knowledge of viticulture, we can offer you a great alternative to the way you do business.

Wineries need grapes to produce wine and vineyard owners need a buyer for their crop. This is the basis for a relationship between wineries and grape growers. In most cases, this appears to be simply a matter of arranging a meeting between each grape grower and a corresponding winery representative where a transaction is arranged to provide for mutually beneficial outcomes. There outcomes happen when a sale and delivery of grapes to a winery occurs.

Subsequently, after all these initial contracts have been fulfilled, there remains the grape grower with a grape surplus and a winery with a grape deficit.

This matching process can be more difficult as the contract amounts may be smaller and requirements might occur later in the season when all the deals are done.

Open Market Grapes (OMG) are looking to fill this gap in the market and provide an online matching service of growers surpluses to the wineries deficits that can accommodate any sized contract during any particular part of the season, considering all of the principal elements of the grape purchase contract.